We have a strong and competitive supplier base to the Railways and Locomotives Industry.

We have developed various complex components which are needed for the modern day Locomotive, with our Partners and Joint ventures.

We are working with CRRC (CSR) to develop the Enginer components for the EMD 710 Locomotives. Our projects include criticle components such as the Carrier Piston, Machined Piston, Cylinder liners as well as the Cylinder liner stud assemblies, EMD 710 Turbo Charger and Turbo Disc assemblies

We specialise in Doors and Windows for Trains and Locomotives. We manufacture everything in house at our fully integrated facility with Aluminium and Stainless steel welding.

Engine Power pack

Carrier piston pin for 710 Locomotives

Piston & fork assembly EMD 710 Locomotives.

Assembly of power pack for 710 Locomotives

Turbo Charger for Locomotives

Turbo Wheel Machined

Turbo Wheel Disc

Turbo Fan Casted